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About The Croydon Tech City Team

Croydon Tech City is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for growing, managing and sustaining Croydon's tech cluster and community.

The team works with official partners, public sector bodies, local businesses, corporations, and the wider Croydon community to make Croydon the Silicon Valley of South London. In particular, Croydon Tech City delivers:

  • CULTURE: Fosters a tech culture and community and inspires new technology and tech people
  • TECH BUSINESS and SUPPORT:  Educates tech start-ups and scale-ups through mentorship, workshops and events
  • EDUCATION: A talent pipeline and tech skill surplus in the borough through our Future Tech City programme
  • PROMOTION and INWARD INVESTMENT:  Promote and steward Croydon and South London tech ecosystem
Jonny Rose
Jonny Rose
Co-Founder & Director

Jonny’s role centers on promoting Croydon Tech City, fostering and connecting relationships within Croydon Tech City’s rapidly growing tech ecosystem. He is also a Linkedin coach.

Contact Jonny if:

- You are a tech enthusiast or entrepreneur interested in learning more about Croydon Tech City.

- You are making a media enquiry or would like to do a story on Croydon Tech City.

Nigel Dias
Co-Founder & Director

Nigel manages formal partnerships and overall strategy with the ultimate aim to provide the Croydon Tech City community with access to a robust network of tech specialists and funding options.

Contact Nigel if:

- You're a VC, angel investor or fund manager interested in learning more about Croydon Tech City
- Looking for sponsorship opportunities within Croydon Tech City
- You are interested in learning more about CTC's Future Tech City programme

Nigel Dias
Sarah Luxford
Sarah Luxford
Head of Relationships & Director

Sarah is in charge of developing new relationships with investors, tech companies and potential stakeholders interested in moving to Croydon Tech City.

Please contact Sarah if:

- You are a tech accelerator or incubator interested in Croydon Tech City.

- You are interested in moving your company to Croydon Tech City.

Simon Tomes
Head of Community

Co-founder of Qeek, the SaaS product for testers, Simon grew quality-obsessed technology teams at Rightmove and Gumtree/eBay. Head of community at Croydon Tech City, Simon understands the growing needs of the startup community. An experienced agile coach, helping teams to realise their potential, Simon draws creativity and joy from performing as a musician. Also, instagram training.

Please contact Simon if:

- You are a startup in Croydon looking to connect with other startups.
- You would like to learn more about Croydon Tech City community classes.

Simon Tomes
"Croydon Tech City is a blueprint for the future" - Matt Hancock, Minister for the Cabinet Office, Jan 2016
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